Studio Rive Droite

16 chemin de Chambésy
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Studio Rive Droite

16 chemin de Chambésy
1292 Chambésy

adapted training solutions

Athletic Studio

Holistic training solutions for a better quality of life.

Athletic Studio is one of the first personal training studio of its kind in Geneva. A place where you are at the center of our attention, with trainers whose priority is to bring the best out of you, make you reach your goals, get a positive impact on your health, performance and quality of life.

Athletic Studio is a premium personal training service that specialises in helping people to get superior results through a unique training philosophy and methodology. We empower you to move, eat and feel better through a comprehensive training approach. You have unique features and you deserve specific training solutions. We help you make positive and realistic lifestyle changes by better identifying who you are, where you want to go, and guide you through the steps that will make you attain your training success.


Everyone is important. There is no “I” but “we”.


We do not sell false promises, but achievable goals.


We are passionate about our work and it shows in our skills.

Respect & Empathy

We embrace each unique set of abilities.


We never stop learning.


We cultivate mental resiliency.

Who is it for?

busy & smart people

We provide tailor made training solutions for smart people who want to maximise their training results within their busy life. We are best suited for those who want to exercise in a respectful and authentic atmosphere, where trainers are not simply rep counters, but your personal fitness solution providers. We are a new definition of the way personal training is done.
Is Athletic Studio for you?
  1. You want an innovative and effective training philosophy to fit your unique needs and goals.
  2. You want an accepting and supportive environment.
  3. You are looking for educated trainers who have the skills to take care of special needs (e.g. back pain management, cancer survivors, pregnancy).
  4. You are eager to learn new methods of training.
  5. You are ready to invest in your health.

Why train with us?

A better quality of life

Private training is the best approach to get superior results, however, it is too often a privilege to those who can afford it. This model can also create a sense of dependance to the coach, preventing one to improve independently. Group courses, on the other hand, create positive and motivating environment at the expense of the individualisation of your exercises.


The best of private and group training qualities combined.
What you can expect

As you progress, so does your program. The principles of training dictate that your program cannot stay the same to make continued progress. Each month you will receive a new program to keep challenging you, excite you, and help you build confidence in your body, flexibility and strength.

Why are we different?

We are different not only because of the services we provide, but because our methods and positive atmosphere. After years of experience, we wanted to provide the best training experience and results in any condition. Life is not a linear progression. The way we train for better performance in our 20’s can also be applied for back pain management 10 years later. We are different because of our capacity to train you specifically, even if you suffer from special conditions (e.g. back pain, pregnancy, cancer survivor).

Our coaches pride themselves on being able to adapt to your specific needs and individual circumstances. Whether you’re training to move better, to get stronger and to feel more confident into your everyday life, we work with you to find the best program and methods to achieve optimal results. We believe that your training should make you feel better, not worse.

our courses

Our selection of classes aim to give you the best experience and results geared towards your specific needs.

Stretch & cardio

The ultimate combination of cardiovascular and stretching training in a small group class setting.  If you want to improve your amplitude of movement, your body’s resiliency and your cardio-vascular capacity , this is the class you need to take.


If you like to train outdoor or you have a busy schedule that prevent you from coming to the studio as many times as you wish we have alternatives,  We offer outdoor training in semi private and group setting and we also have our hybrid training solutions with a mix of online-virtual and in person training.

ADAPTED personal training

If you have specific goals or needs, this class will maximise your body’s potential by providing a tailor-made program designed just for you. This class is offered in private and semi private classes.

nutrition & Cooking

Do you need to incorporate more plants into your diet? Brush up on your cooking skills and learn new ways and techniques to prepare food that is both healthy and delicious. Do you need nutritional guidance that goes beyond the diet trends with long lasting results? We have you covered. 

our Pricing

Attractive prices that fit your commitment.


This option gives you access to all our group classes SMART CARDIO and SMART BODY (PIlates & Move). You can combine cardio and core strength to get your potential to a higher level.


Tailor made program options in a small group setting. You are unique, so is your program.


Premium personal training service. We have what you want, what you need, when you want, tailored perfectly for you.

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What makes us different?

Our added value

We take great pride in our approach to health and movement which is unique and innovative.


Our “Pilates & More” and “Tower Duo” classes provide a great foundation for newbies or a solid complement to more experienced athletes: your body will strengthen from the inside out, gain more mobility and flexibility thus becoming more resilient and fit to face current and new challenges.


When ready and/or if you wish to take it up a notch, you can either add or switch to our “Smart Move” classes which with their custom-made programs will help you achieve specific goals, e.g. better body composition through improved strength, high intensity training, power training, etc…Smart Move classes are also the optimal choice for clients with special needs or health issues.


Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and motivated professionals who are passionate and dedicated to our clients. If you are looking for real results, specific solutions that go beyond mainstream coaching, don’t hesitate to sign up for a complimentary assessment and a free trial class!

Get a consultation

Book a private session where we evaluate your current condition and set your goals.
No obligations, no strings attached.

our studio

Conveniently located near the UN, the CEVA train station and the highway, we created an authentic and respectful atmosphere where you can work out without judgment.

Studio rive Droite

next door from the united nations

6 minutes from Cornavin CEVA station. Near the United Nations, and international organisations, our new studio near the lake brings health of body and mind to convenience.

OUR dedicated


We are not simply rep counters. We are your personal fitness solution providers. We are a new definition of the way personal training is done.




After playing high level soccer, Micael decided to pursue a career as a strength and conditioning specialist. He got a master’s degree in sport performance (UNIL) and pursues his passion to coach athletes to achieve better and higher performances while remaining healthy.

Erika M.

Erika M.


Multi-talented, Erika wears many hats at Athletic Studio: not only does she oversee all operational and administrative matters, she will gladly step in as a Pilates & More class instructor when necessary and treat you to a most wonderful massage (she is both a certified pilates instructor and massage therapist). Last but not least, she is an accomplished chef. She holds a Master’s diploma in plant-based cuisine from Mr Pietro Leeman a stellar chef in Milan, and she has worked in catering services as well as a cooking instructor both in Italy and Switzerland. Her passion for cooking is contagious and inspirational: if you need to learn to cook in a healthy and delicious way, she is your answer.



Founder of Athletic Studio

Athletic Studio is the embodiment of Greg’s experience, passion and vision. After more than 15 years of coaching experience, master degrees in sport science (UNIL), sport management (EPFL) and in psychology (UNIGE) and many certifications, he created a fitness environment that sets itself apart from mainstream coaching.

how to join?

It's time to make a positive change.
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